You asked and you asked and you asked and you poked your head in the door every Saturday morning for the last year while the porter was cleaning the place and now you are finally receiving… Starting this SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24 Littleneck will be open for *WEEKEND LUNCH* or “brunch” as some like to call it Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10 am until 2 pm. We got it all: Blue Bottle Coffee, cured fish, eggs, Cap’n Crunch, coffee milk….YES, I said COFFEE MILK….the whole thing! So stop on by with the kids (no, we still don’t have high-chairs…but we have 11 barstools which sit kinda high up and feel free to have your towheaded youngster sit on a stack of phone books so he/she can eat at the table just like a grown up!) or for you bachelors and bachelorettes swing by and nurse last nite’s hangover while discussing the previous evening’s conquests with all your closest pals….hey, we don’t judge!

You can check out the menu HERE!

Also, starting Monday, November 26 we are going to be doing an oyster happy hour at the bar MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY from 5 – 7 PM with all draft beers for $5 and dollar oysters (shucker’s choice) plus the LONG ISLAND MEETS RHODE ISLAND SPECIAL which is a half dozen Long Island oysters and a TALL BOY of the Narragansett flavor of your choice (we have 3 now: Lager, Cream Ale, and Porter) for the bargain hunter-friendly price of 10 buxXx.

Also, Littleneck will be closed Thanksgiving Day but otherwise we are OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!! And reservations are starting to fill up but there is still time to book your holiday party with us.

Email info [at] littleneckbrooklyn [dot] com for more info or to lock in a date.


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