The "GREAT" Joseph Aponte hard at work or hardly working???

Hey there cats and kittens,

Boy oh boy do we have some excellent things to share. Like really excellent. Did you know that Littleneck has now been rated by ZAGAT? They rate our food and service as “very good to excellent.” (We’re closing in on you, Eric Ripert!!!!!!!!!)

We love our happy little neighborhood of Gowanus, even when the canal smells funny, so we are happy to be part of some great events in our part of town in the next few weeks. On Sunday, November 4th we will be setting up shop at the Sunday Supper Club at Ger-Nis Culinary Herb Center for what they are calling “this fall’s sexiest and briniest event,” working with some of our favorite local purveyors like W&T Seafood, Stinky Bklyn, Two Cousins Fish Market, and and The Lobster Place. You can buy yourself a ticket to this high-quality shindig right here. Space is mega limited!

We’ve also donated an item to the upcoming charity auction held by our neighbors Film Biz Recycling right over on President St. On Sunday, November 9th at the Bell House, among other items, you’ll be able to bid on a Littleneck raw bar platter for two with a round of delicious drinks. Pick up your tickets here and get ready for a fun time.


Thanks to all the guests who came to dinner at the James Beard House last month where our chef Joe Aponte was cooking alongside chefs from La VaraTaldePalo, SantoFort Reno, and Dough. Here are some hott pixx from the occasion.

Scotchy scotch scotch scotch scotch scotch scotch

First of all I'd like to thank The Academy....Police Academy...the movies!!!!

Stay classy San Diego!

We hope to see a whole lot of you coming over for dinner in your Halloween regalia this weekend. If we see a particularly convincing “Deranged Sea Captain” costume we might just have to give you a complimentary glass of grog. And if we don’t like your costume, expect to be keelhauled. Buggery on the high seas will not be tolerated. Yaarrrrrrrrr.

Shiver me timbers and give me a belly rub!!!!!

(In case you can’t tell, we are just getting into character.)

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