Finally something our folks can be proud of us for; Littleneck was just named Clam Shack of The Week by our old pals over at Narragansett…the official beer of the clam!!! So stop in and pound a few with us to celebrate. We always have ice cold tall boys at 3 bucks a pop and for a limited time only we have the seasonal porter brew as well. For 4 bucks ya just can’t go wrong!

We also came in at #4 on Eater’s Top 10 Sandwich Additions of the Year in NYC with the lobster roll and full belly Ipswich clam roll both getting serious nods. As my man Warren Zevon would say “enjoy every sandwich!”

And finally check out this awesome review from The L Magazine and the beautiful accompanying photos!

Photo by Cody Swanson/The L Magazine

Photo by Cody Swanson/The L Magazine

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